A New Way To Go Out! 

More than just a planning app

ImprompDo is an app that will change the way people perform spontaneous activities. The app will provide a solution to the challenges the user faces when trying decide on an activity to do by himself or with a group of people. This is a Feel good app ! With this app, people will be able to make up their mind in the easiest way possible based on what they feel like doing. Sharing and inviting people to your activities will become more efficient than ever, the app will allow to plan based on each other’s preferences and also will give push notifications in case there is a change of plans on when is time to move on to the next activities. Also, the app will facilitate decision making in group activities ensuring everyone has a voice in the discussion and will aid in the logistics part of it.
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This app was made for you! 


The app will give recommendation for what to do on a given day based on personal preferences. It also takes into consideration how much money are you planning on spending, if there is a time constrain and the transportation method


Make groups and share with your friends a location or activity! You can also see the things your friends have shared and vote to make a plan. The system will provide a plan that accommodates to most of the group members


The app will arrange a plan for you and your group, you can always change the plan and the group members will receive a notification. It will also generate an alternative solution if there was an unexpected change of plans.
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More than just a planning app

Everything you need to be efficient with your time and spontaneous! No more wasting time deciding what to do and how to do it, ImprompDo will take care of it! 

Ever wonder what to do with your day?

This app will give you answers to the commonly asked question: What Should I do Today? Not only throwing results at you but curating the results based on personal preferences, availability, budget and means of transportation.  Don't waste any more time deciding! 

Are You in a dictatorship?

Do you experience anxiety or tension when your significant other wants to do something and you simply are not feeling it?.  This app gives you the ability create a group and vote for activities that other members of the group have proposed. 

Difficulty Planning?

Even when (if) a group or individual has come to a conclusion for an activity, it is challenging to come up with a plan. You can’t control what will happen, so let ImprompDo suggest you activities on the go when a change of plans occurs. Also, it will notify the rest of your friends! 

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What People Say About Us

“This app is the best thing that has ever happened to me. I used to be the lame boyfriend who did not know where to take my girlfriend on a date, but now thanks to the app, we can reach a mutual understanding and do not need to worry about planning out everything ahead of time, ImprompDo does it for you! ”

Kyle Killit
College Student

“It has always been a real pain when my friends and I decide to hang out and then something unexpected happens. Whether it is a traffic jam or really slow service in the restaurant, I love how ImprompDo sends us updates real time with suggested activities that can take the place of the activity we just missed thanks to things beyond our control.”

Sergie Kalashnikov
CEO of his own company

“I love going out and trying new things, but often I don't have enough time, money or the means of transportation to do what I want to do. ImprompDo allowes me to still go out and have fun by filtrating the results according to my restrictions”

Bryant Chou
CTO at Slapper Labs